Swimming Pool Designs for Fun & Enjoyment

Swimming pool party

A swimming pool is a place where people come for relaxation and enjoying the soothing atmosphere. Nowadays most of the users prefer swimming pools with modern technology. So, if you are looking for the latest designs of the swimming pool, then just have a look into this article.

Here Orange County Best Pools comes with some iconic designs which will give your swimming pool a natural look and makes it attractive. 

Amazing Trends to Build Your Swimming Pool

Cantilever and Curves

It is a design which is related to the roof of the swimming pool. A cantilevered roof provides shelter and fresh air which gives you a feeling of outdoor living all the time. And the curving shape of the roof provides an unusual striking shape and enhanced with attracting LED lightning.

Island Vista

It gives your pool a view like an island. It gives you a feel like you are living at the coast and your front view is the island. This stunning pool is surrounded by a clean rectangle which appears to be an extension of the ocean.

Mountain Study

This pool is so designed that it may able to capture the beauty of the surroundings both near and far. Basically, the pool’s edge is angled. It consists of two separate pools one is for exercise pool along with swim jets and again one for children. All the swimming pools are heated by solar energy.

Eco Retreat

Nowadays everyone wants a home and yard which focuses on sustainability and innovation. This pool is designed on natural theme consists of aquatic plants, reeds and lotus. Apart from this, a waterfall splashes through a boulder which must be natural. In addition to the natural theme, hands cut stone is used in making pools entry steps with attracting LED lights.

Four-Sided Zero-Edge

These pools are large in size and also includes a spa in it with zero edges in the four sides. Glass tiles are fixed surrounding the exterior of the pool which enhances the effect of the zero-design.

Santa Monica Style

Kathryn Ireland is an interior designer who designs the pool with ceramic tile, a coordinated bench and casual cushions and pillows. In her design, a lot of textures and vivid colors are used which gives a shiny look to the pool.

Serene Small Pools

Most of the house owners use modern technology and high-end materials to build their home. Also, they have a desire to keep a swimming pool in their home. Serene small pools are perfect for them. It takes small space and mosaic blue tiles are used in making of it. The blue tiles give you a calm and soothing look. The pool comes with a negative edge.

How to Clean the Above High-End Pool Designs?

These pools also require regular maintenance and cleaning, otherwise, they can’t hold their beauty. The most advanced way to clean the pool is using of best pool cleaner and anti-microbial filters which restricts the microorganisms and bacteria from the accumulation in the pool water. It also helps in maintaining the water quality and the pH level of water. Also, add some chlorine granules into the water time-to-time to maintain the hygiene of the pool.